Starting Over-ish

I started blogging at Yes, Like the Princess in Star Wars over five and a half years ago. At a time when I spent most of my hours wiping counters, noses, and butts, it was the outlet I needed to feel connected to the world beyond motherhood, a world I knew was there but couldn't see through the sleepless fog.

Writing for other people to read is dancing in an empty house only to find a friend has walked in the back door and has been watching all along. Every post starts with that pin-prick of panic before the rush of joy sets in as that friend grabs my hand and tells me to keep dancing.

I wear so many proverbial hats these days--military spouse, mother, cheese eater, non-profit president, pajama wearer, den leader, substitute teacher, dog sitter, school volunteer, book writer. Over the last few months, I felt the need to somehow gather all my parts in one place, and that's where I've invited you.

So, here we are. Have a look around at the place. You'll see some things that are familiar, some new. If you look closely, you might find special gems because the best places always have secret passageways and hidden tunnels. I hope you'll visit again.