Welcome to my neck of the internet woods.

Some of my favorite characters from literature have lost and found themselves in the middle of the woods--Winnie Foster from Tuck Everlasting, Alice in the wild world of Wonderland, Christopher Robin in the Hundred Acre Wood.

Forests are places of life and death, adventure and rest, wonder and quiet at once.

To be dwarfed by living things hundreds of years old, to smell the fragrances of wildflowers and fresh dirt, to feel the close heaviness of the dark broken by slivers of light--this is what it means to journey through the trees.



My husband, Scott, and I got married when we were too young, too stupid, and too in love to care about whether this marriage thing was going to be hard. The good, the bad, and the ugly--we've seen it all, and thankfully, he doesn't mind when I write about it.  I learn every day that marriage is only as hard as we make it. If given the chance again and again, I'd hitch my wagon to his every single time.





Being a mom to Will and Ben is the single best experience of my life. I love my children in a way that defies reason. Unapologetically. I write most about them because the majority of life lessons I learn come from hanging out with these two. Old soul, live wire. Rain cloud, sunshine. He who made me a mom, he who made me believe I was a good one.





In December of 2016, Baby E came to live with us. Two months later, her half-sister joined. They are love and light and everything right and good in the world. We still don't know if they will be ours for a time or forever, but it doesn't matter. We love them now and always. For more on our journey with them, read here.





Last but not least, meet our pup, Bokonon. He loves car rides, sighs giant sighs of relief at my feet every time I sit down to work, and protects us valiantly every day from the dangers of falling leaves and naughty squirrels. He's the consummate gentleman. Except when he pees in the house or eats dead things.